Lavatory Modules The reliability you need at 30,000 feet

Lavatory Modules

Our lavatory designs draw on a continuous quality improvement program that solicited response from major airlines. The result: comfortable spaces that provide significant cost and weight savings—all while assuring you of reliable service, flight after flight. Yokohama is the exclusive provider of Boeing 757 lavatory modules and a key manufacturer of 737 lavatory modules, producing more than 11,000 lavatories for the B737 and more than 1,100 commercial ship-sets for the 757 over the past 20 years. Our lavatory modules and spare parts are fully FAA certified for both new production and retrofit applications. High-performance designs. Custom design and retrofits are available.

Lavatory Modules

Where Innovation Meets Comfort

    • Composite sink deck with stainless steel bowl for longer life, better appearance and stain resistances
    • LED wash light with calming blue hue and 20,000 hour service life
    • Improved corrosion prevention through one-piece floor pan
    • Full-height corner rubstrips for damage prevention
    • Dampers included on toilet seat, lid and waste flap for slam shut prevention
    • Improved liquid soap dispenser with higher capacity, gravity feed
      and fewer movinig parts
  • Waste Container with higher capacity, larger lid for faster emptying, and single part number common to all lavatories
  • Upgraded faucet with single-hand operation and automatic shutoff
  • Double Stowage space for passenger conveniences and supplies
  • Greater commonality among components across all lav positions
  • Hidden cabinet door latches to deter passenger access to service and maintenance areas
  • No-tools-required access to hot water assembly, reset switch and optional water filter

Custom Solutions At your service with exceptional engineering and design capabilities

Custom Solutions
In addition to our lavatory modules, water tanks, and composite panels, we can manufacture a wide range of interior products, such as closet doors, overhead bins, electronic enclosures, and passenger entertainment system closets, sidewalls, class dividers and partitions. We’d be happy to discuss your requirements for custom solutions
Custom Solutions

Potable Water & Waste Tanks Light in weight, yet incredibly strong

Potable Water & Waste Tanks

There’s a reason why more than 9,000 Yokohama potable water tanks have been fitted on commercial aircraft around the world: they simply work. Advanced composite materials and winding methods manipulate directional strength to make our tanks both light and strong, and seamless inner liners mean reliable performance. Proof pressures are 125 psi internal and 9 psi external. Yokohama offers a full line of water tanks for the Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, 777 and MD-11. Custom designs and retrofits are available.

Potable Water & Waste Tanks

How we maximize reliability and efficiency

Quality is engineered in to each tank
  • Integrated capacity sensor
  • Seamless inner liner
  • Advanced composite materials
  • Innovative winding methods

Composite Panels Manufactured to world-class standards

Composite Panels
We maintain world-class composite manufacturing facilities for both limited production and dedicated production runs, including a new lean manufacturing plant with a composite panel lay-up facility. These facilities manufacture skin, flap and fairing panels for B737, B767 and B777 applications. We can also manufacture a range of additional interior panels, plus exterior secondary-structural panels.
Composite Panels

Capabilities The people and technology it takes to excel

We conduct ongoing comprehensive research in materials development, product design, testing, and evaluation. Then we apply this research to our comprehensive engineering capabilities—including Design Engineers, Stress and Structural Engineers, and Certification Engineers—to continually bring forward new technologies, processes and products for aviation applications.
Our comprehensive engineering capabilities includes Design Engineers, Stress and Structural Engineers, and Certification Engineers, in addition to DMIRs (Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representatives) and Liaison Engineers. An engineer/mechanic team is dedicated to the installation of new and retrofit products.
Machine Power


Our world-class composite manufacturing facilities have received Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) from the FAA and can issue a FAA 8130-3 Certificate of Airworthiness tag upon request. Additionally, we can obtain Supplementary Type Certificates (STCs) for after-market parts. Our advanced manufacturing and testing equipment includes:

  • Four autoclaves
  • Lay−up facilities
  • Five filament winding machines
  • 3D inspection machinery
  • Three material testing machines
  • UT and X−ray, non−destructive inspection equipment
  • Vibration testing machinery
Machine Power
Man Power


At Yokohama Aerospace, our reputation for engineering excellence was built by a team of dedicated people. In fact, they continue to build it every day. Our technical staff includes:

  • Design Engineers
  • Stress and Structural Engineers
  • Certification Engineers
  • Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representatives (DMIRs)
  • Liaison Engineers
  • Dedicated engineer/mechanic installation team for new and retrofit products
Machine Power
Machine Power
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